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leanu and Lotus facilitate this weekly practice integrating different modalities including men's and women's circles into a group for all genders to experience CO-HEALING.

There is a rhythm to the experience that includes: ~ connecting with self ~ connecting with others ~ reflecting on challenges/goals ~ gaining insight (breakthroughs!) ~ committing to next steps

While it has a lot of inspiration from Mankind Project, it also taps into the sacred feminine. It is a balance between structure and flow, thinking and feeling, personal and collective awareness.

In 3-hours we cocreate a safe container to be vulnerable together, and feel deep empathy and authentic connection.

It's best to come with an intention, but no agenda so that you have a focus but no attachment to the outcome.

There is often a universal truth revealed through the night that reflects what we call "holographic healing" where one person's breakthrough ripples through the entire group.

This is a by-donation offering of $10-30 ~ if you cannot donate money please consider helping with set-up/clean-up or bringing a snack etc.

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