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Resonant Witness is an invitation to embrace all aspects of our sacred humanness. A practice for deep personal and collective healing. It is 10% performance, and 90% transformational energy work using breath, movement, sound, connection etc. It integrates practices from the conscious dance movement like ECSTATIC DANCE, DANCING FREEDOM, AUTHENTIC MOVEMENT, CONTACT IMPROV with practices from the conscious relating movement like AUTHENTIC RELATING, ZEGG FORUM, DYADS, MIRRORING, TANTRA in a COCREATIVE EXPRESSIVE ART FORM that is transformational for the performers and all who witness.

The initial vision for Resonant Witness was channeled by Lotus Sattva during an ecstatic dance at Kalani in 2017. She saw the vision in its entirety as a life’s work with people practicing it around the world as a vehicle for demonstrating the inherent interconnectedness of humanity. Since then Lotus has facilitated Resonant Witness in Colorado, Kauai, Maui, and Big Island partnering with local DJs, drummers, videographers, and co-facilitators. The practice is in its early evolution, but has already demonstrated profound impacts. People laugh, cry, access deep wisdom, express untapped creative potential, and feel deeply bonded with other resonant mirrors.

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