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Why HIVE? 

    You can liken us to a values-driven curated localized alternative to Airbnb 

    • You are supporting local people not a corporation

    • We accept multiple currencies including village hours

    • It's relationship-based so you and your guests receive personalized support

    • We cross pollinate a family of practitioners adding value to your retreat
      (caterers, yoga teachers, bodyworkers, coaches, farmers etc)

    There are infinite opportunities for profound natural and human connection all around us

    • There are a dozen venues offering daily/weekly programs nearby including two ecstatic dances

    • We are walking distance to the beach, parks and a quick drive to hot springs

    • There are additional lodging options within walking distance 

    • Locals are part of HIVE joining or leading programs connecting you with the local community

    Our space is beautiful with:

    • Lots of windows and natural light

    • A focus on sacred art, altars, and comfort with satin covered beds and pillows

    • Big open floor plans with a padded floor for movement 

    • Many indoor/outdoor covered lanais

    We are intentional about the programs we offer 

    • Focused on incubating a cocreative culture of caring and sharing

    • We support social healing personally and collectively 

    • We care for the earth using non-toxic cleaners, composting and recycling

    • We are committed to social inclusion asking all facilitators to offer at least one need-based scholarship 

    • We give back offering free and work trade opportunities for the local community, marginalized people, and leaders committed to social healing  

Why HIVE  in Hawaii? 


There is a healing energy in Hawaii that sets it apart from the rest. On a fundamental level, just being in Hawaii is healing. The nature, ocean, waterfalls, clean air, fresh rain, rainbows, dolphins, whales, flowers and fruits everywhere you turn create a vibration of beauty and abundance that is infinite. 

These ancient islands are said to be connected to the original continent of MU a legendary land of harmonious relationship carried forward in threads of the HUNA tradition like ho’oponopono. It is slower here, people live more simply and are happier for it. Healers from all around the world are called here and available to offer guidance for healing journeys on all levels- body, heart, mind and spirit.  

A local bumper sticker says “What’s your hurry? You’re not on the mainland anymore” and that simple statement reflects a powerful contrast in the experience your nervous system has here where it can finally start to unwind. Sometimes this can be challenging because we are finally allowing ourselves to FEEL things that we have been ignoring. 

This is one of many reasons HIVE exists to provide support for people on their healing journey. HIVE personal retreats include daily check-ins where you can share and get support for whatever you’re going through in a loving uplifting space. You can choose to schedule sessions from our incredible local partners offering healing  at nearby locations, and go to one of the many healing classes and events available daily in our community like yoga, meditation, dance, communication and more. 



Hawaii is a potent realm of inspiration. It magnetizes creative people from all corners of the earth bringing together dancers, musicians, artists, writers, designers, activists, producers, coaches and other thought leaders channeling the potent creative force of these volcanic islands.  


Big Island itself is literally the edge of the New Earth as live lava flows into the ocean. The soil, water, and climate of this place make it one of the most fertile and abundant ecosystems in the world—while at the same time being as remote as possible surrounded by a sea of possibility. The feng shui of this energy likely contributes to how much inspiration pours forth here.  


It is impossible not to feel inspired by the sheer magic of life in Hawaii, the way your heart lights up when you see a rainbow, swim with dolphins, or taste the fresh juicy sweetness of a mango straight off a tree. People are playing music and making art seemingly everywhere around here. As slow as Hawaii can be, our bioregion on Big Island has so much happening it’s like a permanent festival every day. 

Just going out into this community  being in nature or connecting with people is an inspiring act. On top of that, HIVE partners with local artists, photographers etc. who offer classes, lessons or sessions helping you dive deeper into your own inspiration. 

HIVE hosts personal and group retreats with different kinds of INSPIRING focuses—for example writing retreats, content development retreats, visioning retreats and more. Like with HEALING retreats, the daily check-ins also offer feedback and accountability for HIVE guests with creative intentions. The healing energy of Hawaii supports artists and other creators to do their best work truly tapped in to their core essence. 



HIVE provides local village immersion. Many people visit Hawaii by going to hotels or resorts. Others may land in a secluded jungle spot with or without modern conveniences. HIVE offers affordable housing located in an active neighborhood that resembles an ecovillage more than most other places in the world (while still providing sustainably-minded creature comforts). HIVE also offers experiences for people from the local community.

As so many people have become isolated in recent years, we are intentionally offering experiences for people to feel socially connected and belonging in our human family. They say “it takes a village to raise a child”, we say “it takes a village to be a human”. 

You’re welcome to engage with others as little or as much as you’d like, but engaging with HIVE will instantly connect you to locals in the community and other guests through daily check-ins and other optional connection opportunities (events, groups, circles, outings etc.). 

We also recognize that tourism can exploit or uplift local communities, and we are committed to having HIVE guests support the local economy. We encourage you to customize your retreat with offerings from our local partners, many of whom live in our neighborhood and can literally walk or bike to meet you. We can help you to source the most local organic healthy foods, and generally orient our guests on how to have a positive footprint on the land and local community. We hire local people, and have a volunteer program for people who want to join us but may not have the financial means to do so. 

 We are building a non-profit that provides scholarships for people who would benefit from a retreat, but don’t have the means to pay for one themselves. We ask groups that do retreats through HIVE to honor this commitment to inclusion by offering at least one scholarship to a participant in need—ideally someone local.  

Lastly, we see the importance of building conscious community as the most important solution for healing our world so HIVE is prototyping models that we aim to replicate and expand. Once we have developed and researched this model with consistent results, we will be creating templates and trainings so others can develop a HIVE in their community. 

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