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Custom Retreats on Big Island

Aloha~ I'm Lotus, founder of HIVE and my main inspiration for creating HIVE was to facilitate custom retreats rooted in the concept of co-healing.

Co-healing acknowledges that loving connection can be the best medicine, and that being witnessed (seen, heard, reflected) can support healing for all people involved. I've spent years dreaming of developing this business and chose this location on the Big Island of Hawaii as it is a unique hybrid of deep nature, connected community, and daily activities that resembles a transformational festival every day, all year long!

In my 20+ years of healing, growth and development I have consistently experienced the most profound transformation participating in residential programs like festivals, retreats and trainings. Truly nothing compares to the depth possible when we suspend our day-to-day responsibilities, and join like-minded people in a loving supportive space of awakening.

At the same time, big group retreats or trainings can sometimes feel like drinking from a fire hose or herding cats. I often felt like I'd need to take a retreat after my retreat to actually relax and integrate.

So I decided to do things differently, and shift away from the model where a group of people are needing to spend 24/7 together with constant activities planned.

Instead I developed the custom retreat model which allows you to:

  • Plan your dates at time that works best for your life

  • Pick and choose activities you're interested in based on your preferences

  • Connect with like-minded people daily to practice co-healing

  • Have lots of free time to integrate the growth that's arising for you

I'm passionate about making this experience accessible for people and have different price-points on a spectrum ranging from mostly independent retreats ($100/day) to fully supported retreats ($900/day), and thus it's best for us to have a call to design a retreat that works best for your goals and your budget.

The possibilities are endless for what kind of retreat you're interested in, but the core areas that I facilitate and feel can have the most profound impact include:

  • NATURE PRACTICES connecting with the elements whether it be hiking to waterfalls or volcanos, swimming or snorkeling at the beach, soaking in hot springs, or experiencing eco-therapy practices I lead informed by my training with the Animas Valley Institute

  • EMBODIED EXPRESSION dancing, singing, drumming, doing improv and other activities in our small pod at HIVE or at daily events offered in our local community like ecstatic dance 3 times/week

  • CONSCIOUS RELATING will be the foundation of our experiences in our pod at HIVE and invite you to show up with an open heart to fully reveal all the parts of yourself in a loving container rooted in authenticity, trust, and embracing our vulnerability as a path to wholeness

  • PLANT-BASED NUTRITION eating a purifying diet with lots of LOCAL fruits and veggies with the option to do a cleanse and get nutritional support to feel lighter, healthier and more vibrant

  • MINDFUL TOUCH can be something many of us yearn for and our space is set up to support cuddles, massage and other bodywork to maximize coregulation and somatic healing

Text me 808-482-1311 if you're interested in planning a custom retreat with us at HIVE!

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