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Mauna Loa's 2022 Eruption

Rudolph Steiner says 'souls who are the most eager to evolve often end up living near active volcanoes...'

After 38 years of dormancy the biggest active volcano in the world Mauna Loa started erupting hours before Hawaiian Independence Day this week and as if it had a direct message for the US, the lava poses the biggest threat to the military base.

My home isn’t directly at risk from this flow but the night sky is glowing red visible from coast to coast and the power of the earth is more palpable than I’ve ever experienced…

While many people I know on island are celebrating and planning trips to see the new flow, my attitude is different.

I’ve lived here during two different eruptions now, and both times they’ve started I’ve had symptoms that are very uncommon for me including a headache, fatigue, and somatic anxiety.

I feel deeply humbled by the unstoppable power of this destructive creative force, and profound reverence for Pele and this island.

I’m reminded of how nature is more powerful than our human constructs, and recognize risks that I have absolutely no control over other than to anticipate and be prepared to act.

Maybe this is all a metaphor for spiritual evolution — the truth of which exists outside of our control in expressions of synchronistic timing even after a lifetime of dormancy…

Nothing can stop this process.

We have no choice but to trust the flow.

Thanks Sky Makai for this epic photo

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