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Inward/Outward Connection

Feedback from tonight’s Sacred Breakthrough Circle emphasized how meditation practices to deepen connection with self intermixed with connection practices with others facilitates an even deeper sense of connection.

One person in particular spoke to a pattern of feeling anxiety in groups because of how often it can pull her off center. She said that this group did the complete opposite for her helping her to feel more and more centered throughout the exercises because of the rhythm we use of inward reflection and outward connection.

Another person was expecting a different kind of “intimacy” but we clarified that the kind we are developing can be a play on words of “into me see” and that it starts with knowing and showing ourselves fully so we can be seen and known fully by others.

There was a theme that emerged tonight of transcending the programs that make us stay small and being open and available to the full essence of our being to express itself.

Join us for a Sacred Breakthrough Circle where we are “waking up together”

(Perfect artwork to accompany our approach by @spacetobreathecic)

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