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A hub for belonging...

Today Lotus guided a custom retreat for 3 of the current HIVE residents who are all going through huge life transitions.

Inspired by “vision quest” traditions merged with depth psychology, quantum embodiment , journaling and conscious relating this mini-retreat was an afternoon at Kua Bay ~ one of the most beautiful beaches on the island….

After swimming in the pristine turquoise waters, Lotus led the group through a foundational quantumembodiment meditation practice activating the four aspects of self: body, heart, mind, and spirit.

Everyone shared their unique intention for the quest, then went off into nature alone to listen to guidance from their own unique connection to source journaling details from the four aspects of self.

Then we shared in a council with mirroring where each person shared their experience then offered each other questions and reflections to deepen the insight.

The recurring laughter, tears, and truth bumps affirmed the depth we accessed together.

Everyone had a unique intention or question (“quest” I on) but the answer was fundamentally the same (as it often is).

Slow down.


Be here now.

All is in divine grace- even pain or loss…

Receiving this holographic reminder through sharing these insights in a group while sharing deeply personal experiences is the magic we call cohealing,

This is our trademark at HIVE ~ a center integrating coliving, coworking, and cohealing.

A hub of belonging to the earth and our human family.

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