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Lotus Sattva

HIVE Founder,
Lead Facilitator and
Cocreative Catalyst



Lotus is the founder and lead facilitator at HIVE Hawaii. She is a cocreative catalyst who inspires people to be the change they want to see. She embodies a grounded passion, compassionate honesty, and evolutionary vision built upon 20+ years of practice. 


Lotus was named an ambassador of change for her social innovation work by Bioneers and Lucidity Festival in 2015, and she's trained with world-renowned facilitators such as Starhawk and Samantha Sweetwater. 


Lotus facilitates programs that maximize connection with self, nature, and community. She coaches other facilitators to lead successful programs and retreats, and is known for her strength cross-pollinating communities to maximize collaboration, outreach and engagement. 


Lotus supports clients around the world through virtual programs, in-person at HIVE and when she's invited to cocreate in other communities. Her facilitation style supports a depth of connection and intimacy that is rooted in building containers of embodiment, mindfulness, authenticity and trust. 


Ultimately Lotus sees HIVE as a node in a larger movement for a more cocreative culture rooted in caring and sharing. We see HIVE hosting a global family of facilitators and guests who return often, and cross-pollinate with other hubs around the world.



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Lotus is a powerful, experienced and sensitive facilitator and community leader. She has a wealth of knowledge that supports her work in building connection to self, community and to the planet. She is not afraid of challenges and is very dedicated to supporting everyone in personal empowerment and transformation. 

- Robert

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