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Join us for one or two weeks of retreat on Big Island...

Week 1: 3/11-18 will focus on creativity
Week 2: 3/19-26 will focus on connection

Each day will include:
~ Meditation and movement
~ Nature time and adventures
~ Group circles and practices
~ Healthy community meals
~ Private sessions or free time
(Detailed schedules + private session options coming soon)  

Week 1: Led by heARTist, poet, musician, producer, graphic artist Rico Riconekt Padilla

Week one is for passionate creatives who are wanting to go deep with others in a cocoon of artistic expression and exploration. Whether you're a seasoned artist or musician wanting space to play and create some new material, or a beginner wanting support to get your juices flowing this retreat will be a supportive space for people at all levels of experience...

Imagine jam sessions and dance parties every day, making art together at the beach, getting inspiration from the elements and creatures of the jungle, and dropping into local events like open mics, ecstatic dance, drum circles, song circles and more!

Rico and other local artists will offer workshops and private sessions you can opt-in for, and if you're interested you could lead the group in a practice at some point during the week too.

Every day will be a dynamic mixture of group time to share what you're working on and get feedback, and free time to be in your creative flow.

Week 2: Led by quantum MUse, ecotherapist, dancer, community builder, holistic coach and facilitator Lotus Sattva

Week two is for people passionate about conscious relating and the power of intimacy for spiritual connection, self awareness, healing and growth. We will be deepening our connection with self, others and source in a unified field of compassion, authenticity and trust that embraces vulnerability and supports a grounded exploration of your edges, passions, blocks and desires.

To deepen connection with self we will be meditating and doing personal reflection using journaling or other expressive practices. Bring your favorite mediums for self expression to draw, paint, sing, write, play or otherwise let the inspiration flow through you...

To deepen connection with others, we will do relational practices like council, small group and partner exercises, cuddling, massage, dance, authentic relating, mens/womens circles and forum. Kanixa will also lead practices throughout the week building off of the Ipsalu pink tantra training (happening 3/15-18 down the street) offering an opportunity to explore non-sexual tantra incorporating breathwork, yoga, meditation and ritual.

To deepen connection with source this will be an immersion into ecosexuality ~ a philosophy of connecting with nature as an act of union...Imagine rolling in black sand at a nude beach, swimming in deep ocean waters, soaking in cool mermaid pools and hot springs, descending into a volcanic cave, delighting in the sounds and sights of the living jungle around you...

This week will be especially bonding, and can support both singles and couples to open up more to pleasure, trust and love.

We have an application process and will be having calls with folks to ensure the best alignment for participants for both weeks.


The retreat fee includes: lodging, ground transportation (to/from Hilo airport, airfare not included), meals, events and programs daily with retreat leaders and guest facilitators.

Fees for each week:
$1,400 for shared room or glamping ($1,200 early-bird by 2/21)
$1,800 for private room ($1,600 early-bird by 2/21)

Fees for both weeks:
$2,500 for shared room or glamping ($2,300 early-bird by 2/21)
$3,000 for private room ($2,800 early-bird by 2/21)

Extend your visit ~ rooms are available before or after the retreat for $50/day.

Fill out the application to let us know if you're interested in a partial work-trade to join us at a discounted rate.

You can also get a discount if you come with a friend/partner or are a local commuting in from off-site.

Apply now at

"Embodied Nature" is a residential immersion meticulously crafted to reconnect you with the profound wisdom of the natural world. In this unique experience, we invite you to embrace six core components—Nature, Mindfulness, Movement, Nutrition, Community, and Creativity—to foster holistic well-being and transformation. So, join us at HIVE, where the beauty of the surroundings seamlessly intertwines with the transformative power of self-discovery.

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We live cooperatively sharing common areas with a rotation of residents with a balance of autonomy and connection

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We support practitioners to connect and work together and have a co-working space for residents many of whom work remotely or on-site



We believe that connection is the best medicine and support a culture of trust through relational programs and offerings 



People book personal residencies at HIVE ranging from days to months with intentions for healing, inspiration, connection and cocreation 



Practitioners host  group residencies at HIVE with up to 12 people staying on-site, overflowing lodging nearby, event space for up to 30 and cocreative support available from the HIVE network



HIVE cross-pollinates local and visiting practitioners with visitors and locals maximizing connection, abundance, and accessibility to healing inspiring village experiences





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