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Kanixa Rae Satori

Intuitive Tantra Practitioner
IPSALU Tantra International Teacher
Somatica Sex & Relationship Coach



A devoted Tantrika, Yogini and Energy Healer, Kanixa has dedicated her life to uplift people on their journey towards clarity, compassion and empowerment. She began her path as a student of the healing arts more than ten years ago. In 2015, Kanixa began her professional practice as an Intuitive Tantra Practitioner. Since beginning this journey she has had the honor of serving hundreds of people across the nation and training Dakas and Dakinis for Intuitive Tantra’s growing network of Practitioners. 

In 2019, Kaxina expanded her tantric training by studying with & completing her Teacher Training through IPSALU Tantra International. This additional training taught her to guide groups in exploring tantric kriya yoga practices and kundalini awakening techniques.

“It has been an absolute joy and honor to witness countless positive transformational changes within people that have rippled out to their relationships, family, career and overall well-being,” she shares about the results of her work with individuals and groups. 

Her qualifications include Licensed Intuitive Tantra Practitioner, IPSALU Level 1 Teacher,  Certified Holy Fire Reiki Master, a 200-hour Ashtanga Yoga training in India with Himalaya Yoga Valley School, Bachelor’s of Media Art Degree from the University of North Texas, and Medicine Woman training with the Oklevueha Native American Church.



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Thank you for the great session today, felt more alive than I have in some time, energy returning to parts of my body that felt dormant, definitely shifted. I left the essential oils on my skin until I showered 10 hours later, savoring the aroma and experience, 2.5 hours went by like 1 hour, amazing experience, much appreciated! 

- John

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