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Silke Lila

Yoga Teacher,
Access Bars, 
Bee & Butterfly Garden Tours

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Silke Lila is a local practitioner who has been a part of the Puna community for over 20 years. Originally from Germany, Silke followed her soul's calling to let her passion rise with the energies of Pele and the welcoming warmth of the islands. You can find her in her butterfly sanctuary flower garden where she is a hobby bee-keeper (just two blocks away from HIVE).


Silke has a background in Hatha Yoga, and through that practice she discovered the next level is Kundalini. She was drawn to the yogi Bhajan practice and has since dedicated herself to studying and teaching this dynamic and powerful form of yoga that inspires and activates people on their journey.


She has a deep commitment to the yogic lifestyle that encompasses physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Her work integrates multiple dimensions of the yogic lifestyle, including purification through cleansing with herbs, fasting, colon hydrotherapy, and nutrition support. 

Silke is a fun-loving woman who exudes an eternal youth that is contagious to all who meet her. She loves to dance and can often be found moving her body on the dance floor. Silke's energy and enthusiasm for life are unbounded. Her students appreciate her kind and caring nature, and her ability to inspire them to lead healthier, happier lives.



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Thank you for the great session today, felt more alive than I have in some time, energy returning to parts of my body that felt dormant, definitely shifted. I left the essential oils on my skin until I showered 10 hours later, savoring the aroma and experience, 2.5 hours went by like 1 hour, amazing experience, much appreciated! 

- John

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