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Are you a health and community minded person who enjoys gathering together for meals, music, movement and healing?

HIVE is looking for aligned residents to join us for 6+ month leases at our community retreat house and cocreative hub one mile to the coast on Big Island. 

Local Culture & Opportunities

  • We have 4+ yoga studios within walking distance, 3+ ecstatic dances every week, the best beaches within a few miles including a free volcanic hot spring.

  • We gather together onsite often for events like potlucks, sound healings, meditations, authentic relating, yoga etc throughout the week, and have one weekly meal that is required for residents.

  • Residents interested in offering healing and events are especially encouraged to join us as we have a platform to support your work!


NOTE: People migrating to this area should have remote work or other self employment skills as this is a very rural community with few jobs -but lots of people looking for skilled carpentry/landscaping etc.

Residency Details

  • We are currently looking for aligned residents who want to make a MINIMUM 1-MONTH commitment starting Summer 2024. (We are also open to longer-term leases and equity partnership opportunities for the right residents)

  • We have many configurations available including a private unit or bedrooms in a shared house

  • Rent includes utilities and wifi and a platform to attend and offer programs/services onsite with additional food and carsharing options.

If you’re interested please text 8o8-482-1311 for fastest response.

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